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Choosing the Perfect Wheel Rim

Cars, bikes and automobiles are a prized possession and very close to the heart for us. Automobile accessories such as wheel rims add a dash of style and personalisation to the vehicles. Rims come in a wide range of varying types and colours. Explore this guide and choose the best one for you.

The trend today is to accessorize bikes and cars with rims to make them stand apart from the crowd. Several youngsters love to experiment with colours and materials of rims for their automobiles. If you too decide to do it, why wait? There is no time like the present!

Customizing your Wheels with Rims

Wheel rims are a part of the wheel that holds the tyre perfectly in place. They are available in various types such as:

At Borrani Wheels, you will be able to find lots of designs, simple, cool and funky available with varying finishes and in different shades to choose from. Before settling for that brightly colourful rim that you think will suit your vehicle, there are a few things you must consider off the checklist.


Check if it is the right diameter and width as that of your automobile. Do not assume. A lot of wheels in the market are available with slight variations and may appear to be same in size at the first glance, and so is the case for the wheel rims. Before swiping your card, check twice to confirm it is exactly the size that you need.


Now this will largely depend on the make and weight of the vehicle. Most passenger vehicles use one piece rim while heavy vehicles like trucks and Lorries require multi piece rims to balance the weight and keep the tire in place. This is just a basic classification. Each of these have many internal classifications. Research carefully and make a wise decision.


As wheel rims support the tyres, they play a vital role in determining the performance of the vehicle. Rims, either too wide or too narrow will drag down the performance of the automobile. Select something that is of an optimum size and can support your wheels in such a way that they reduce friction and make the drive a much smoother one. The definition of optimum size will vary for two wheeler and four wheeler.


Rims, when damaged can cause vibrations and unnecessary pressure on the tyres. They must be of good quality for the automobile to run smoothly without damage to any of its parts.

It is preferable to opt for chrome rims as they are more durable and can withstand high quantities of pressure. Chrome is basically an alloy of chromium and magnesium, both excellent metals that combine to give an alloy with the best characteristics of both these metals. They also come in different sizes and colours from which you can choose. These rims give a good touch to the outlook of the vehicle.

Chrome Rims for your Car

If you consider your car as the apple of your eyes, then definitely you will be looking for nothing but the best for your treasured possession. If you are a novice at finding car rims, or cannot find something that fits, here is a suggestion.

1. Find what wheels will fit your car by using the model, make and year

2. Find other vehicles that use these wheels

3. Identify the rim size and scan for it

There a lot of rim size calculators that are available online. In case, you cannot find anything to match your wheel size, ask automobile experts for suggestions as to what other alternatives are available. Do not make wild guesses because you donít want your car parts getting damaged or having a reduced efficiency, do you?

Choosing a Good Rim

Choosing a good wheel rim can be quite daunting owing to the overwhelming variety of stuff which is diverse and uniquely available in the market nowadays. Every company will market its products to be the best ones. This will obviously add to the already present confusion. When in doubt, just follow these steps and head towards choosing an ideal rim.


This obviously is very important. Make sure you buy from a company that has a good reputation for selling quality products. If you happen to have a fixed budget and are opting for rims from small companies, then ensure they are not of a cheap quality before buying them.


Affordable is a word that is defined personally by each one of us. What might be affordable to someone might not be affordable to you. So, do not go by the advertisements. Check out the price list and decide if the product is worth the money. Fix your budget beforehand so that you do not end up paying a small fortune for a car rim.

Size and Colour

Before you start looking for a good wheel rim, look for the size you want. Else, you will end up wasting money on something that will hardly be of any use to you. Pick something to suit the finish of your vehicle so that it complements it wonderfully. There are also wide choices of materials to pick from.

Borrani Wheels is a reputed Italian company for wheels that stands at number one. Every single wheel of ours is of world class quality designed down to the last bit with amazing skill and perfection. Our dedicated designers and artisans work hard to give you the best driving experience possible. We have a reputation of manufacturing the best car rims. Come, browse our catalogue and let your heart decide what accessories your automobiles need.