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Mag Wheels in Australia - Enhance the Beauty of Your Car

Mag wheels in Australia are becoming more and more popular than ever. For every car lover out here, the glamour and the appeal of his/her car is worth dying for. They will go to any lengths to make sure their vehicle is in the perfect shape. And mag wheels, popularly known as alloy wheels, are an indispensible feature that every car must have in order to enhance its appeal.

Mag wheels have existed in the motor world since the 1930s. They are basically die-cast alloy wheels that are used in place of the normally used steel wheels to enhance performance and also the aesthetic appeal of the car. And they are called “mag” wheels because the early ones, i.e. the ones used when it started becoming popular, were made of magnesium alloys. Although magnesium is no longer used for this purpose because of its low durability, the term "mag" wheels - short for "magnesium" wheels - remained synonymous with the die-cast wheels.

Mag wheels or alloy wheels are now made from alloys of aluminium mostly. They can be easily customized since they are made by casting molten alloys in dyes to get the desired shape. Although they’re more expensive than the usual ones that are made of steel, the benefits that come along with them justify the price. They are light in weight and thus enhance the speed and performance of the car as weight has a significant role in determining the proper operation of a car. Even though alloy wheels were meant for race cars, in Australia mag wheels are being installed by owners of personal cars as well.

Benefits of Mag wheels

Increased speed

The property of being light is the biggest merit of mag wheels. Since they are made of aluminium mostly, they are very light in weight. This makes it easier for the car to accelerate. Hence, it enhances the car performance.

Aesthetic appeal

Most people out there who have gotten mag wheels installed in their cars do it to add more glitz and glamour to their cars. The shimmer and lustre of these wheels have the power to turn heads.

Break clearance

The weightlessness of the alloy wheels can increase the brake clearance of your car and thus enhance the performance of the brake. This feature is not usually seen in every alloy wheels, though.

Lasts longer

The alloys of aluminium render the added advantage of being stronger than its steel counterpart. It can handle stress more efficiently and is more or less impervious to cracks.

Heat dissipation

The heat dissipation and air flow are a lot more efficient in alloy wheels. This leads to more efficient braking and helps in cooling the brake faster.

Added value to the car

Installing alloy wheels enhance the value of your car. It can help increase the resale worth of your car marginally, as alloy wheels can play a major role in appealing the buyer's eye.


Since alloy wheels are made through the die-casting method, it is easy to customize them according to your needs if you are willing to spend a little bit of money. It will surely be worth it.

Getting alloy wheels for your car is also an added responsibility on the car owner’s part. You have to make sure you provide constant care to the wheels and spend time to clean and maintain your alloy wheels properly. There are various cleaning agents available in the market for the purpose.

Now, let us take a look at a few tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while buying mag wheels in Australia, be it Brisbane or Sydney:

Know your car

Make sure that you know what suits your car. It is not just about the look, the physical fit is also of prime importance. If you don’t feel sure about something you can always get expert opinion.

Look for visualizers

Visualizers are software tools that can simulate real life environments and can show you how your car would look like if you got a particular kind of alloy wheel installed. Ensure that you ask for this feature.

Wheel rim size

If you need only the rim replaced and not the tyres, make sure you get the size of the wheel rim right. This is to ensure that when you reinstall your tyres again, they fit properly.


Upsizing refers to enhancing the size of the tyres as well. In this case, however, make sure that the overall diameter of your tyre stays the same. A change in the wheel diameter can mess up the readings of your odometer and affect the smooth functioning and performance of your car.

Width of the rim

Try to keep an optimum width when it comes to your wheel rim. These measurements matter a lot as far as performance of your car is concerned. They affect the operation of steering rods and suspension components. So, be careful with these measurements.

Online tools

There are various online tools available in the market to aid you in buying the best alloy wheel for your cars. For example, several e-commerce websites sells alloy wheels and lets the customer use a custom search, according to his/her requirements. Make proper use of these tools.

Installing alloy wheels or mag wheels can undoubtedly enhance the charm and charisma of your car. Even though they are a bit more expensive and require constant care, the perks that come with it make all of it worth the hassle. Follow these tips and make an informed decision and your car shall shine and shimmer with the lustrous alloy wheels.

Borrani Wheels in Australia is an access point for motor enthusiasts to acquire anything and everything related to wheels. If you are looking for mag wheels in Brisbane or Sydney or anywhere in Australia, wheel parts specifically, this is the perfect place to go.