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X-Ray Wheels for Jaguar


Production Process:
Aluminium alloy rim obtained by a spinning process, full machined forged aluminium alloy hub, with 64 stainless steel spokes. Both rim and hub are connected by means of special (patented) spoke/wire system.

Tested by TUV Sud-Automotive
GMBH, manufactured in Italy to ISO 9001 quality standard.

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Jaguar Wire Wheels in Action


Wheels form an essential part of the vehicle that is used for travelling on the road. Be it the regular bicycle or even the four wheeled car, all these vehicles need wheels for their movement. Right from the day wheels were first invented, till the present day, travelling has been made efficient and a pleasure, all thanks to the wheeled vehicles.

Though the general concepts behind the working of the wheels are the same, these wheels come in various types depending upon the vehicle, its speed, and its capacity. Generally wheels can be classified according to their tire thickness, spoke patterns and wheel diameter to name few. Above all wheels that are seen to have different spoke patterns are the most common form of wheels that we see every day.

Wired Wheels

Now, what are wired wheels? Wired wheels are those types of wheels that have suspension in them, and their spokes are made of wires. However, the major fact about these wires is that they have those wires that are stiffer than normal wires. They work on the lines of the same principles of a high tension wire, and as often confused to, it is not a vehicle suspension; suspension wheels are different from the rest.

Why Wired Wheels?

Wired Wheels were the most widely used wheels because of their sturdiness and less cost. However, due to a few issues, there were limitations, and most of the heavier vehicles could not be balanced. However this can be seen in several expensive cars, even today. It is regarded as one of the oldest types of spokes used in bicycles and motor cycles. Then, this dilemma was solved by a group, and wire wheels were hence used on cars, too.

Jaguar wire wheels

The biggest quandary for Jaguar owners is the capacity of the wire wheels to accommodate the developments in modern motoring. Modern motoring and wire wheels have always been the Tom and Jerry type, but a solution for this has been obtained. The latest in the range is the 15" wire wheels that are fit for all the Jaguar model cars. The wheels are stainless steel and are triple laced.

Style of hub

These wheels generally have two types of hub system. One is the curly hub system and the next is the easy clean hub system. The first style that was designed was the curly hub that was later replaced by the easy clean hub system.

The two types of hub system for the wired wheels come with their own distinct features. When considering the curly hub, it gives the vehicle a classic and an interesting appearance. The convoluted stamping that the curly hub creates, casts a shadow on the center hub of the wheel. On the other hand, as the name suggests, in the easy clean hub system, the forging that is done on the hub is easy to clean and polish, thereby giving the wheel a modern look.

Option of chrome and painted wheels

These wired wheels can be made even more classic, or their look can be improved by either opting to go for the chrome look or the painted wire wheels look. Chrome gives the classic and rustic appearance while the painted wire wheels stands out the car amongst the lot by giving it an artistic appearance that is sure to make heads turn when it is driven on the road.

The popular option for a long time has been the chrome look but when it comes to turning the car into a vintage race car or to show the high driving performance of the car, the stove enameled or the painted look of the wire wheels is what suits these cars the most.

Resistance to corrosion

It is very important to note that the wheels need to be corrosion resistant. In case the wheels get corroded, it will not only hinder the functioning of wheels but it will also bring down the performance of the entire vehicle.

Jaguar wire wheels are sought after for their high performance, and this is what makes them stand apart from other wheels. They are highly resistant to corrosion. Before coating the wire wheels with the suitable corrosion resistant material, these wheels are primer coated by the method called as electro-coating or cathode electrophoretic technology. These wheels generally have a cosmetic warranty of one year and also a structural warranty for two years.

Before the wire wheels are fit, the rim that goes along with them are specially polished in machines that are used for special purpose and as a final stage, they are polished by the hands of the skilled craftsmen.

Development to early Jaguar wire wheels

As been in practice, people with Jaguars that had the 16" wire wheels are seen to be choosing the 15" wire wheels over the 16". The latest in line is the 6" wide and 72 inner and outer laced spokes wheels and the 6" wide, and 60 outer laced spoke wheels.

Some knockoffs

Few years back, two winged knockoffs were considered to be the standard for the Jaguar wire wheels for a very long period. Later as directed by the Government, the octagonal style was taken to be the safety knockoff. Even after all these years, though newer models of Jaguar are now in the market, people who buy the cars and give them the original look, make sure to stick to the safety knockoffs that were once prescribed.

Basically, rather than seeing the change as an overall improvement for the Jaguar Company, it can be witnessed that this was mainly brought about by the bureaucrats. Making the changes to the wire wheels of the Jaguar and giving them the original look and also retaining some of the features of the new wire wheel means a part of the refurbishment of the whole vehicle. The original look and the charm of the car can be brought in by giving it a winged knockoff and this can be done at the cost that is nearly not more than the cost that is incurred while changing the damaged new nuts of the new winged knockoff.

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