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X-Ray Wheels for Mercedes Benz


Production Process:
Aluminium alloy rim obtained by a spinning process, full machined forged aluminium alloy hub, with 64 stainless steel spokes. Both rim and hub are connected by means of special (patented) spoke/wire system.

Tested by TUV Sud-Automotive
GMBH, manufactured in Italy to ISO 9001 quality standard.

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Different Types of Mercedes Benz Wheels

There are different types of wheels on which the Mercedes automobiles run and provide the details that will facilitate you in deciding which one is the best for you by just a click at Borrani Wheels.

When it comes to driving a Mercedes, everyone wants to have the best of everything because Mercedes is in itself a car with unsurpassed qualities. Mercedes wheels need to be of paramount quality just like the car that runs on them. It's not an easy task to select the best wheels for Mercedes, and there are very few places where you can aptly come to know about the different kinds of wheels that are there. At Borrani Wheels, all the information that is there on the site is up to date, and every wheel is described aptly and with the correct definition of each of its attributes.

There are basically two types of wheels that are produced by us which are the modern series and the classic series. Mercedes wheels can be chosen from the following range of options:

1. X-Ray Wheels

The X-Ray Wheels are made by Aluminum Alloy Rim which is obtained by a spinning process. It has 64 stainless steel spokes. It is tested by TUV, SUV-automotive GMBH. ISO 9001 speaks tons about the quality that this wheel will add to your Mercedes.

2. S-Ray Red Wheels

S-Ray Red Wheels has similar features to the X-Ray wheels. It is suited best with Mini Cooper.

3. S-Ray Black Wheels

S-Ray Black category of wheels belonging to the S-Ray class has the same features as S-Ray Red and is a mark of quality in itself.

4. S-Ray Silver Wheels

S-Ray Silver Wheels is also a member of the S-Ray family and has characteristics similar to that of the two aforementioned wheels. It has a hub of 16" and rim width of 6.5".

5. Atlas Wheels

Atlas wheels are robust 6-spike wheels which have a spectacular machined elegance and what adds to its dazzle is the gunmetal finish offset. Not to forget the eye-catching black matte finish that it has.

6. Arrow Wheels

Arrow wheels are beautifully coupled with the latest technology. The advanced technology that is used in its making facilitates both dramatic weight reduction and enhanced strength.

7. Manheim Wheels

Manheim Wheels represents a single wheel design which is reengineered for an exactitude fit with full range of the Mercedes cars. Not just the diameters but the offset load ratings and the technical specs will match the exact model that you have.

8. Millennium Wheels

Millennium Wheels are a mark of brilliance and finish. This one has fifteen perfectly proportioned and beautifully formed dug-in spokes which give it an upscale appearance. It has various versions ranging from the one finished in hyper silver that has a mirror cut lip to the classic chrome version.

9. The 15-Inch Gunmetal Wheels

Well, this one is happiness as this is a stylish set of Mercedes Benz wheels in the size of 15 inches. They speak development as they are up with a minute design with a sporty and elegant styling to its name.

10. 16-Inch Silver Wheels

These have a spell binding quality and finish along with which it guarantees a hub-centric fit. It goes without saying that its high quality finish makes sure about the many years of durability and shine.

11. 19-Inch AMG Style

It has a double spoke AMG Style. It has a bolt pattern of 5*112. The finish that it has is spectacular and will add to the beauty of the Mercedes Benz which will be running on it.

12. 18-Inch Gunmetal AMC Staggered Wheels

These are one of kind wheels and add nothing less than a pure class to your Mercedes. This is a classic design but timeless at the same time and what more can be asked for when it has the AMC logo bequeathed on it.

13. Rotec Wheels

Rotec Wheels not just has unique and upgraded looks but also provides performance enhancement. It is made by the use of a different kind of procedure known as the rotary forging. They are a treat to the eyes and are available in both matte black and silver with a silver cut face.

14. Wilhelm Wheels

Wilhelm wheels are like pure architectural art. They have moderately recessed ten swept back spokes that highlight its broad outer lip. The distinctive look that it has is owed to the casting process that goes into making it. These serve a full range of Mercedes.

These are the varied options that are available to the Mercedes Benz owners and all of these wheels speak class and perfection because we know that no Mercedes owner will settle for anything that does not go with the astounding looks of their Mercedes automobiles. No Mercedes owner will ever compromise on any of the accessories attached to the car. When it comes to wheels, it's all the more impossible because they are the support on which the Mercedes will run, and they need to be just the right thing.

It is not easy picking the right one as your Mercedes Benz wheels, but we at Borrani Wheels are there to help you get the right one as per your model.

Borrani Wheels are car suppliers since a long time and has a long standing relationship with car makers like Alfa Romes, Ferrari, etc. So, the next time you are having issues picking wheels for your Mercedes, we are just a click away.